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How to Pick a Booth for Your Wedding Reception? 6 Helpful Tips

Photo booths are a whole lot of fun. Finding the right vendor can be a bit of a challenge. Here are solid tips to help you find the right booth for your wedding:

Look for the basics

Request for a proof of license from the state as well as for the company’s insurance carrier information. That way, if the equipment is damaged, you’ll worry less because you know you’ve covered all the bases.

Ask about costs

Determine the deposit you need to pay and when the balance is due. Make sure you understand and keep to the payment schedule. In addition, don’t forget to ask about overtime charges. In case the party runs over the hours you agreed on, at least you’ll know how much you’ll get charged, The Knot says. This way, you’ll find it easier to stay on top of your budget.

Will they cover the supplies?

The company should provide you with enough photo paper and ink for your wedding reception. Some also provide you with props that your guests can use. Ask about these to make sure you know what you can expect in terms of supplies.

Check out their photo booths

There are plenty of booth types out there. Look over the options they offer and decide on the one that best suits your event. You could go for the standard, traditional model or something a bit fancier. Some booths can also customize photos and fill up the background with your logo. If you want your wedding logo or seal on those photos, this is an excellent way to achieve that effect. Rental companies offer flip book stations too, along with slow motion photos stations. With many options out there, finding just the perfect photo booths is fun, convenient and easy.

Pick fast printers

One thing you’ll want to ask before you pick a booth is the speed of its printers. Slow printers will mean longer lines. That could get in the way of the fun, though. Who wants to wait in line for too long, right? By choosing booths with fast printers, your guests can all have their turn at the booth in no time.

Setup assistance

Look for a vendor that’s experienced and able to provide you with setup assistance. Whether you’re at the park, at home or wherever venue you chose, pick a vendor that can setup those booths anywhere.

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