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How to Customize the Photo Booth Experience at Your Next Event

Sure, photo booth rentals may not be the newest thing on the block, but there’s a reason they have such staying power. Photo booths are a whole lot of fun and can be incorporated into everything from weddings to holiday...
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How a Photo Booth Rental Can Liven Up Your Holiday Party

Are you looking for a way to seriously spice up your end of year party? Want to throw a wild bash that people will be talking about for years to come? What you need is a photo booth rental in...
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Think of a Wedding Photo Booth in Westchester as a Reception Essential

There are timeless and classic elements to almost any sort of wedding. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is a huge and multi-day celebration or a quiet, small and subdued affair, there are always the traditional activities and features that...
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Add that Unforgettable Element of Fun with a Photo Booth at a Westchester Event

If you were born before 1970, chances are you still remember when a photo booth was not an unusual item to find at a pharmacy, bowling alley or amusement park. By the mid to late 1980s, though, they were a...
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Finding the Right Photo Booth Rental for Your Wedding

With the exhaustive list of to-do’s and to-call’s associated with wedding planning, it can be easy to overlook a photo booth. In the world of wedding accoutrements, a photo booth is an inexpensive investment that delivers huge dividends of fun....
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Capture A Variety of Moments

When organizing an event in New Jersey, the most important thing is making sure your guests enjoy themselves. A photo booth can greatly improve guest engagement during your event. Everyone takes pictures. A photo booth rental company makes it easy...
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3 Reasons to Invite a Photo Booth to Your Wedding

Planning a wedding? If so, you’ve surely noticed what a huge trend the wedding photo booth has become. From booths situated just outside the ceremony venue to those stationed around the reception location, wedding guests are hamming it up for...
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Why a Photo Booth Makes Perfect Sense at Your Party

Are you looking for a way to take your next party to the next level? Want something that will really make your big day memorable? Here’s a tip: today’s biggest party trend isn’t a color scheme or the way your...
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The Perfect Occasions to Rent a Photo Booth

Photobooths are in right now, and there’s good reason for that. These devices are great for providing memories of an event, entertaining people at a party, or offering fun decoration. If you’ve been wondering what sort of events a photobooth...
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How to Choose a Photo Booth Rental for Your Next Event

What’s more fun and enjoyable than the iconic photo booth? They’ve been with us for decades, offering the chance to take goofy, candid, romantic pictures. Today, photo booths can be found well outside traditional venues like malls – they actually...
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