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3 Reasons to Invite a Photo Booth to Your Wedding

Planning a wedding? If so, you’ve surely noticed what a huge trend the wedding photo booth has become. From booths situated just outside the ceremony venue to those stationed around the reception location, wedding guests are hamming it up for photo booths around the country on a regular basis now. Why has this trend been so popular? Here are just a few reasons to consider having a wedding photo booth at your Manhattan, NY nuptials:

Built-In Entertainment

Are you looking for a way to keep your guests entertained before and after the main event of your wedding? A photo booth is a fun way to do exactly that. Guests can operate the booth themselves, so they have something to do while you’re busy greeting and thanking other attendees.

Age Appropriate

Even the youngest guests can enjoy a photo booth with their families. For those who open their guest lists to the under-twelve set, this is a great way to create family-friendly fun at your reception or give kids something to do before the ceremony begins.

Effortless Memory Keeping

In days gone by, many brides would have tables adorned with temporary cameras for guests to help them capture the candid moments of their special day while they enjoyed the party. Today, that tradition continues with an even easier method of snapping pictures of your guests having fun. With a photo booth, guests can enjoy showing off and truly offer you a look at their happiest faces, all while the booth does the work of creating professional-quality images for them. You get great photos to remember forever and no one person has to do all the work – or accidentally take the camera home with them after the party is over!

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