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Why A Photo Booth Is More Fun Than A Selfie

Even in the age of the selfie, the party photo booth will be the hit of your event. Photo booths provide the instant gratification of a phone camera with more features and real, tangible photos. Photo booths still line every...
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5 Reasons You Should Rent a Photo Booth for Your Wedding Party

If you’re wondering what would make the perfect addition to your wedding, here’s why you should consider a photo booth rental. Create memories Instead of giveaways that don’t mean much to your guests or that would end up getting tossed...
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Tips for Choosing a Party Photo Booth You and Your Guests will Love

Photos make for an excellent souvenir. So if you want your party to be as memorable to your guests as it is to you, one way to make that happen is to get a party photo booth that everyone could...
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Simplify Your Wedding With a Photo Booth

Think back to all the weddings you’ve been part of over the years. Unfortunately, sometimes what stands out the most in your memory isn’t the joy of the bride and groom, the beauty of the ceremony, or the rollicking after...
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Customized Wedding Photo Booth Just for Your Big Day

When a fellow pops that all important question of “Will you marry me?” to his significant other, there is a lot of celebration that culminates in the wedding ceremony and then a reception. There are so many details to be...
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Hire a Photo Booth for Important Occasions in Corporate Life

Photo Booth Rental by ISH Events is a photo booth rental company located in Stamford, Connecticut. It is a fabulous trend nowadays to rent a booth for taking photos as an innovative and fun means to capture memories of special...
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7 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

Photo booths make great additions to any event. Here are seven reasons why you should rent a photo booth for your next big party. 1. They Create Memories Photo booths serve two purposes: photos and entertainment. The photos themselves help...
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Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth

Photo booths are some of the best ways to capture a moment in the place that that moment is happening. They’re becoming more and more prevalent in malls, parties, and even places like museums. In today’s day and age with...
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