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Why A Photo Booth Is More Fun Than A Selfie

Even in the age of the selfie, the party photo booth will be the hit of your event. Photo booths provide the instant gratification of a phone camera with more features and real, tangible photos. Photo booths still line every Japanese mall for use by teens and adults. In spite of a camera in every phone, the photo booth’s popularity in Japan has never waned. Here are a few reasons why the photo booth will be just as popular at your party.

Actual Photos

The great thing about photo booths is that you end up with real photos you can take with you. Digital photos go up on social media and then are quickly forgotten. Photographs can be put up on walls or mirrors, stuck in wallets, put into photo albums, or taped onto books or binders. And a high-quality printer on each booth means you’re going to take home a beautiful-looking photo. But even if you are a diehard digital fan, all your event’s pictures will go up in a password-protected online gallery.

Better Pictures

Most parties have the sort of lighting that makes professional photographers want to cry. At best, you have drab, artificial light. At worst, you’re trying to take a picture with your cousin with a strobe light flashing. A party photo booth has the quality of light that makes you feel like you’re at a photo shoot. You will be easier to see and look better in the picture.

Props and Backgrounds

There is nothing more fun that grabbing a handful of silly props, making your friends throw them on and then taking a photo. Want a picture of you and your co-workers wearing silly hats with serious faces? A photo booth can make it happen. Some photo booths also come with green screens so that you can change your background. Filters can be fun, but they can’t make you look like you’re hanging out with your family on the moon.

More People for More Fun

Unless you’re bringing a selfie stick to your company party, you’re going to have trouble getting more than a couple of people squeezed into your picture. A normal photo booth can hold 4-6 adults and some of the larger ones can take a picture with up to 12 people in it. You can get your whole group in there without having to ask a stranger to take your picture.

Whether you’re having a birthday, wedding, or corporate event, don’t be surprised when a line forms outside of your party photo booth. Nothing commemorates an event quite like a photograph and there’s no picture more fun than one taken inside a photo booth. Contact Photo Booth Rentals By ISH Events at (888) 340-9190 to learn more about our photo booths or a complete list of kiosks.

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