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5 Tips to Make Your Photo Booth Rental More Successful

The choice to rent a photo booth for an event can be a very good one. These machines are instant hits at parties and gatherings, and can even be used in weddings and other areas where you might not think they would be well suited. However, to ensure that your photo booth rental is as successful as possible, follow these brief tips.

Size It Right

One of the first and most important tips for photo booth rental success is to make sure that you size the booth correctly. There are a couple of implications here. First, make sure that the booth is not too large for your venue. Second, make sure that the booth can accommodate the number of people most likely to use it. For instance, if you’re setting one up at a wedding, you would want a larger photo booth than what would be needed for a birthday party.

Know the Options

Photo booth rental companies offer a range of extras and options available at an additional cost. Make sure you know what these options are, and whether or not they would provide you with additional value or utility. For instance, would you benefit from bonus photos? What about projection? What about Facebook uploading or video messaging?

Brand It

Are you setting up a photo booth at a corporate event? If so, consider branding. This is an additional service available from leading photo booth rental companies and can help build brand recognition and success.

Consider a Video Booth

Photo booths are great, but you might benefit more from a video boot. Think of this as the next step in the evolution of photo booth technology – these booths can take photos, but also record live video that can add another element of fun and enjoyment.

Multiday Rentals

Finally, if your event will take place over more than one day, or you’re involved with a fair, festival or even management of a park or another facility, consider multiday rentals. This allows you to benefit from the photo booth rental for multiple days, maximizing its value to you and your guests or attendees.

At Photo Booth Rentals by ISH Events, we take pride in offering a wide range of extras, the most advanced photo booths on the market, and the professional staff you need for trouble-free renting. Call us today at 888-340-9190.

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