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Which Photo Booth Style is Perfect for Your Wedding?

Photo booths at weddings are extremely popular, but many times they are a pretty standard affair. For your wedding photo booth, you want to be sure to pick the right type of booth for your need and style. There are innovative booths that offers the best of technology as well as old-school traditional booths like you saw in the mall years back. There’s no right or wrong answer here but knowing your options can help you get started.

Open Air

This is one of the most popular booths available and it’s easy to get going. There is no need for a booth, instead a camera will be on a tripod or table for taking photos. The wedding couple can make a custom backdrop to use with this option, as well. Some wedding photo booth companies will offer instant photos, while others will send them out digitally after the wedding.


You likely remember this kind of photo booth. Guests have to shove into a small booth, where they can make silly faces and get a printout of the results. This is especially fun at a wedding because you get to watch people cram in together and act goofy at what might otherwise be a formal event. One other perk of this option is that the images can be printed more than once so you can even fill in your guestbook with photos.

Slow Motion Video

If you really want to go all out, you can rent a slow-motion video booth. This lets your guests make short video clips in super slow motion. This can really bring out some creativity and give you videos to laugh at the rest of the night. This isn’t as common as the above two options, but it can be a whole lot of fun.

Green Screen

With a green screen photo booth, you can take your guests anywhere you like without leaving the wedding location. The green screen can let guests choose the background they want to use, so they can put on their thinking caps and really get into the photo. You can expect for this type of photo booth to cause lots of smiles and laughter.

Make Your Day Special

If you’re excited to rent a photo booth for your upcoming wedding, ISH Events can help. You can find out more about our booths and services by visiting www.ishphotoboothrentals.com.

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