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Corporate Party Ideas for Your Next Event

Overseeing the planning of a corporate party can be challenging. The first hurdle you have is making the party fun, especially when most guests are going to assume the environment will be boring. Rather than going with the same things you do every party, there are some unique ways to make things a little more fun. Corporate doesn’t have to mean boring, especially if you use a photo booth, live music, or games for the guests to enjoy.


If you know someone who is a ventriloquist, a fire eater, or a reality television personality, they’ll provide your party with some entertainment and uniqueness. It may even make people forget they’re at an office party and let loose more than usual. You can also be confident that the party won’t be forgotten for a good long time.


Set up a room for gaming or offer faux poker for the guests. You could also set up a table with various crafts that guests can make. This lets employees feel more comfortable and can strengthen bonds. Breaking down barriers is always a good thing, as people who enjoy each other often like work, too.

Photo Booth

This option is a truly unique one. You may have seen photo booths at a wedding or in the past at a mall, but you’ve likely never seen one at an office event. With an attendant and a large photo booth, your guests can have fun and have a souvenir to take home, as well. People love these booths and they’re affordable, so this is an excellent choice.

Live Music

Do you have access to a band or a DJ who could take on an extra gig? Have them provide the music at the next party. Live music may be better for low-key events, while DJs can keep the group dancing all night long, if needed. Either can add some spirit and fun to the location of the party.

Master of Ceremonies

Hire a professional MC to take care of some of the entertainment. It will be way more entertaining and won’t feel quite as much like work as using the manager as an MC might. A professional can crack jokes and tell stories to keep people interested throughout the event.

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