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Customized Wedding Photo Booth Just for Your Big Day

When a fellow pops that all important question of “Will you marry me?” to his significant other, there is a lot of celebration that culminates in the wedding ceremony and then a reception. There are so many details to be worked out from where the ceremony will take place to where to hold the reception and everything in between. One thing couple may want to consider if they want their reception to be a lot of fun, is to include a wedding photo booth!

Traditional Scenario

In a traditional wedding event held at any church venue, you will see the celebrant, the bridegroom and his bride, and family and friends occupying the pews. As the event celebration progresses, a photographer moves around clicking photos of the celebration to record memories of the occasion on behalf of the couple on their big day. Pretty much the same thing happens at the reception. People are pretty much just props to the occasion and don’t participate with the photo taking.

Guests Can Make their Own Memories

Having a booth for photos at your reception is as easy and calling Photo Booth Rental by ISH Events. With the presence of a wedding photo booth people at the reception can participate in the fun of photos by using the prop box and taking funny or touching photos and walking away with a self-made momento of the occasion. Everything can also be recorded so that the bride and groom can review what went on at a later date and have a laugh seeing their guests having a good time. It all can be uploaded to social media and saved on a thumb drive.

ISH Events is a photo booth rental company that provides elegantly designed photo booths that produce high resolution quality photos that complement all events, including weddings. Moreover, the fun ways of capturing quality pictures via a photo booth at the reception serves as a perfect memento for guests to mark the occasion! The photos can be designed with a logo or the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. A perfect way for it to be remembered.

Go with a Company that Has Experience

They offers several different styles and sizes of booths to accommodate your needs and can be designed and decorated to match the wedding decor. This is sure to have the family and guests interacting, laughing and making memories that will last a lifetime. Everyone in the picture can get their own photo.

The company has offices to serve you in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island and you can’t get that many offices if you aren’t making your customers happy. So get in touch with them to rent a wedding photo booth for your special event. Call today at (888) 340-9190.

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