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Hire a Photo Booth for Important Occasions in Corporate Life

Photo Booth Rental by ISH Events is a photo booth rental company located in Stamford, Connecticut. It is a fabulous trend nowadays to rent a booth for taking photos as an innovative and fun means to capture memories of special occasions. The company provides elegantly designed booths that can produce high resolution, studio-quality photos for all types of events.

ISH Events, the company, has branches in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island offering their services. If you are in any of these areas they will have a great staff to talk with you about your plans for your upcoming event.

Memories of a Corporate Event or a Party

In a traditional scenario, at a Corporate event or party – you will probably see a performance versus audience situation. There is normally a raised podium for the speakers or company elite to sit and rows of chairs for the audience to sit and listen or watch the proceedings.

This event can be very boring when there is no participation from the audience. A few corporate events with amateur photographers clicking around, further exacerbates the boredom in the environment. The only memories of the event are some formal pictures clicked by uninterested photographers who click the elite of the company probably lecturing to the audience.

Imagine in this scenario you have a photo booth hired and installed at the event venue. The audience is now facilitated to take pictures of themselves, as functional teams or friendly colleagues. They will have a better memory of the occasion. It is easy to rent a photo booth and have it installed at your next event, at a price you and your business can afford.

Let Your Guests Interact

The attraction at a corporate event or party is normally the food or the open bar, but it does not have to be limited to this. The reason for a corporate events is often a chance for team members and employees to network. A booth for taking photos will liven up the proceedings and can serve to break the ice between inter-team members and across other sections or divisions of the company, as well. People will have another reason to leave their chairs and intermingle with each other for something other than food or getting a refill.

Contact ISH Events for all the information you need renting a photo booth and learning what type of booths they offer, from a booth that can fit 12 people to a stand up booth for just one or two people.

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