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7 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

Photo booths make great additions to any event. Here are seven reasons why you should rent a photo booth for your next big party.

1. They Create Memories

Photo booths serve two purposes: photos and entertainment. The photos themselves help preserve the excitement of the event, and the whole photo booth experience becomes part of the memory, too.

2. They Make a Visual Guestbook

Weddings and other formal events usually require written guestbooks to keep track of attendees and gifts. However, it’s way more fun to document attendance with photographs of your guests in oversized sunglasses and dinosaur hats.

3. You Can Take Less Photos

If you don’t have a photographer, a photo booth provides a way for guests to take photos of themselves so you can focus more of your time talking to guests, refreshing the punch bowl and enjoying your company.

Why rent a videographer when you can rent a photo booth? Photo booths also allow your guests to take short video of themselves so they can deliver a special, personalized message directly to you.

4. Guests Receive a Keepsake

Not only do you get photos of all your guests, but your guests can take home a copy as well. Your photo booth pictures can serve as a favor to keep the party alive well after it’s over.

5. They Work With Every Theme

Whether you are hosting a casual business event, sweet sixteen party, wedding or neighborhood block party, a photo booth fits in seamlessly with the theme of the event. You can also tailor your photo booth accessories to match your theme.

6. They Are Affordable and Convenient

Photo booths are cost-effective components of an overall event. When you rent a photo booth, you can actually save money on other sources of entertainment and photography. Also, photo booths can be set up anywhere you want. You can place one at the entrance, near the bar, next the gift table – wherever it makes sense.

7. Everybody Loves Them

Who doesn’t love taking silly pictures with their friends? Everybody knows that when they step inside a photo booth, they are going to laugh and smile. Photo booths put your guests in a great mood and add laughter to the mix.

Are you excited to rent a photo booth for your next party? If you’re still on the fence, ask around and you’ll quickly find that photo booths are instant hits. Call ISH Photo Booth Rentals to reserve one for your big event.

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