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Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth

Photo booths are some of the best ways to capture a moment in the place that that moment is happening. They’re becoming more and more prevalent in malls, parties, and even places like museums. In today’s day and age with things like the selfie and the group picture, it only makes sense that photo booths are becoming the most popular addition to events and parties. Here’s why we think you should invest in one at your next event.


One of the favorite things for people to do nowadays is take selfies to commemorate moments as they happen. A photo booth takes a photo but also adds things in that photo that a regular photo can’t. For example, a photo booth might include interesting filters, fun animations in the frame, and interesting messages. These things put a more unique placement on where that photo was taken and having that physical frame is an excellent way to mark an event. You want your event to be memorable—why not give your guests a fun and interesting way to customize their own recollection?


At a party, it’s pretty standard for people want there to be things to do. Photo booths are not only a quick way to have a memorabilia from the event, but also a bit of an event in itself. Most photo booths come with an assortment of props, which gives people the ability to dress up and have fun with dressing up. After that, there’s posing in the photo booth, there’s printing the picture, customizing the frame—it’s a whole activity in and of itself that will draw people’s attention and give people something fun to do while they wait for their favorite song to come on. Call ISH Events at 888-340-9190 to invest in a photo booth for your next event and give your guests the most fun you can!

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