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3 Most Common Occasions To Rent Photo Booth

In the past couple of years, to rent photo booth for a special party and/or event occasion has really become popular across the United States. We, at Photo Booth rental by ISH Events would be most happy to meet you halfway for your party, answer all your question and assure that having some real deal of fun while taking photos, at your Wedding day, Sweet Sixteen party, birthday party, or any other type of private party and/or event, will really be possible and rocking.

You Could Rent Photo Booth for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions has become one of the most common occasions when people do rent photo booths. It can be a really entertaining way how to greet your guests, and have an instant photo that will be processed in just about 10 secs. So, neither you or your wedding guest will have to worry when the photos will be ready and delivered. Aside, a professional and kind attendant from our service stays with the photo booth throughout the whole time, to ensure that everything is in a good working order, and to help any of you if you come up with any questions or concerns.

Rent Photo Booth for Your Sweet Sixteen Party

A Sweet Sixteen party can be another great occasion when you can consider to rent photo booth. The photo booth can be well complementary with any idea or theme that you wish to have for this kind of party.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Parties are Better With a Photo Booth

To rent photo booth has really become popular also for Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties, but also to other many private or public events and parties. We are here to meet you halfway for any of the occasion for which you might want to rent a photo booth.

Free Services From Our Side

Once your event and/or party is through, our team takes care to as well upload all the photos to a web gallery on the internet (which is protected, and only you can have access to). Aside, we provide you with a CD that features all photos taken. This is within our free rent a booth service. We are able to offer you as well other options, so do not hesitate to send us your inquiry. We will be happy to connect!

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