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Simplify Your Wedding With a Photo Booth

Think back to all the weddings you’ve been part of over the years. Unfortunately, sometimes what stands out the most in your memory isn’t the joy of the bride and groom, the beauty of the ceremony, or the rollicking after party. Sometimes what you remember most is the hours after the ceremony when you and the rest of the wedding party were positioned into countless poses by the photographer, smiling stiffly. Now that it’s time to plan your own wedding, you may be wondering how you can avoid that endless line of uncomfortable picture-taking. The solution is photo booths for a wedding, the perfect way to simplify your event for both the wedding party and the guests.

One advantage of a photo booth is that it removes the hassle of creating favors for your guests. You may want to send your friends and family home with a fun memento of the occasion, but you don’t have the energy to generate individual favors, and you know most of them will be shoved into a closet somewhere anyway. With a photo booth, guests have a ready-made souvenir that brings back vivid memories of the event every time they see it. Customize the photo strips with your names and the date so your loved ones always remember the joyous occasion.

Another reason photo booths for a wedding are a great trend is that they provide the opportunity for a quirky twist on a traditional wedding album. Instead of pages of pictures that no one enjoyed taking, fill your photo book with fun photo strips that your closest friends and relatives took while having the time of their lives. Offering the opportunity for candid poses, exciting props, and unique groupings of people, an album filled with photo booth pictures lets you remember your wedding as the fun-filled bash it really was. Customize your booth to produce multiples of every photo strip and invite guests to take one with them while leaving one behind. For an even more personal touch, leave an album near the booth and have your guests paste their strips onto the pages after they’ve taken their photos, then write a sweet message to the couple. This saves you the trouble of generating your own album and lets you keep the loving words of your family and friends for a lifetime.

There’s no wonder photo booths for a wedding are such a fast-growing trend. It makes your occasion more spontaneous and simple. Discover how a photo booth could liven up your event today. Contact ISH Events at (888) 340-9190 for more information.

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