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Think of a Wedding Photo Booth in Westchester as a Reception Essential

There are timeless and classic elements to almost any sort of wedding. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is a huge and multi-day celebration or a quiet, small and subdued affair, there are always the traditional activities and features that should be considered “musts” for a wedding. The clothing, the rings, the toasts and the reception are key components, as are the photos. And a wedding photo booth for a Westchester wedding should be added to that list of must have elements.

Though it is a relatively new innovation in wedding reception activities, the wedding photo booth at a Westchester wedding reception has risen so quickly in popularity because it offers such great photos and memories. Because there is such diversity in wedding celebrations, though, wedding photo booths have evolved to accommodate the different needs.

Today, a wedding photo booth at a Westchester reception could be the totally familiar and classic photo booth. However, it might be a stand up style, a large and spacious booth, a trendy “InstaPic” style with display screen and standup camera station, flip book stations, green screen options and more.

That means that anyone eager to integrate a wedding photo booth into a Westchester wedding event has to consider the style that will work best with their guests. As an example, the classic booth is great if the event is attended by lots of couples. However, if there are larger groups, a stand up station or oversized booth might be better. Slow motion or flip book stations are great for the active groups and those with kids.

And don’t forget that the best providers of photo booths also make lots of different options and add-ons available. These options can include all kinds of prop boxes and bonus photos, but they can also incorporate customized logos or frames around the photos, scrapbooking stations where printouts can be pasted and comments handwritten, video messaging features and more.

Hopefully, you can see how and why a photo booth is an essential for a Westchester wedding event. If you are eager to organize one for your upcoming celebration, get in touch with Photo Booth Rentals By ISH Events. Offering some of the most comprehensive services and options, they specialize in photo and video stations and can help you take your wedding to the next level. You can use our online contact form or phone 888-340-9190 to find out more.

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