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Add that Unforgettable Element of Fun with a Photo Booth at a Westchester Event

If you were born before 1970, chances are you still remember when a photo booth was not an unusual item to find at a pharmacy, bowling alley or amusement park. By the mid to late 1980s, though, they were a novelty item and far less familiar to kids and teens. Fortunately, they have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity and appear at all kinds of events and locations. This is why a photo booth at your Westchester event is a great idea.

Not only does a photo booth at a Westchester event bring with it a chance for fun and silliness, but it allows everyone to have a keepsake of the experience. And before you say that it is just as easy to setup a photo station and have someone operate it throughout the event, think of the many styles of photo booths now available.

There are standup booths, traditional, oversized and elite styled booths, Insta-Pic stations, green screen stations, slow motion capture, and more. Depending on the location and the theme of your event, you can offer a photo booth that is in sync with the rest of the activities or a perfect accompaniment to them. There are very few basic or DIY photo stations that could ever compare.

The Many Photo Ops from Photo Booths at Westchester Events

It is also important to remember that modern photo booths have countless add-on features and options. As an example, your event’s photo strips could have your logo or customizable features, they can incorporate a scrap book element that allows guests to place and comment on their photo strips, there are professional curated prop collections made available by premium photo booths in Westchester, too. There are video options, bonus snaps, social media uploads and more.

It is safe to say that almost everyone today knows what is meant by the term photo booth, and they are one of the most appealing elements of special events. Whether for a wedding, fundraiser, corporate event or private party, you’ll want to explore your options.

At Photo Booth Rentals By ISH Events you will enjoy the widest range of services and photo booth add-ons that can help to really capture the big day or the special event. Whether it is for business or personal, they have all that you need for great images from a great gathering. Find out more by using the online contact form or phoning 888-340-9190.

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