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Finding the Right Photo Booth Rental for Your Wedding

With the exhaustive list of to-do’s and to-call’s associated with wedding planning, it can be easy to overlook a photo booth. In the world of wedding accoutrements, a photo booth is an inexpensive investment that delivers huge dividends of fun. So let’s simplify the process with exactly what you need to look for when choosing a wedding photo booth in Long Island.

Read Reviews

Anyone can make promises, but talk is cheap, especially because it would be relatively simple to just buy a photo booth and claim to be a “professional” operation. If you’re considering a wedding photo booth in Long Island, and the company renting it only has a few reviews, move on to the next one. Nothing beats experience. There is a lot involved in executing a good photo booth setup, especially for a wedding. Read reviews to see how the experiences of others went, and make sure they average at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Quality Equipment Matters

A wedding, regardless of the budget, is a classy, relaxed event. Every detail should reflect the ambiance you’re setting up for your guests. Your selection of a wedding photo booth in Long Island is no exception. You want a solid, strong unit, not something thrown together out of curtains or panels. Your wedding is going to be on social media—and you want all those posts to be positive. An imploding photo booth isn’t exactly the permanent memory you want to create. Go with a company that has a quality, arcade-style booth.

Customer Service Is Key—Even for Your Guests

The customer service experience should start with your very first call. A company renting a wedding photo booth in Long Island should cater to your needs and answer all questions. Look for comments about their customer service when you read reviews. But also keep in mind that there is a customer service experience for your wedding guests as well. Their impression is the one that is going to matter the most. After the photo is taken, there shouldn’t be a long wait for the picture to come out. It should take less than 10 seconds. This will also help other guests get in the booth sooner. Wedding guests don’t like waiting, and the longer they have to wait, the less time they get to spend eating and dancing.

Finding the right wedding photo booth in Long Island is simple if you choose a seasoned professional like ISH Events. They have quality equipment, customer service and a ton of great reviews. You can focus on the big picture if your wedding is taken care of with Photo Booth Rentals by ISH Events.

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