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Hire a Photo Booth for Important Occasions in Corporate Life

Photo Booth Rental by ISH Events is a photo booth rental company located in Stamford, Connecticut. It is a fabulous trend nowadays to rent a booth for taking photos as an innovative and fun means to capture memories of special...
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7 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

Photo booths make great additions to any event. Here are seven reasons why you should rent a photo booth for your next big party. 1. They Create Memories Photo booths serve two purposes: photos and entertainment. The photos themselves help...
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Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth

Photo booths are some of the best ways to capture a moment in the place that that moment is happening. They’re becoming more and more prevalent in malls, parties, and even places like museums. In today’s day and age with...
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3 Most Common Occasions To Rent Photo Booth

In the past couple of years, to rent photo booth for a special party and/or event occasion has really become popular across the United States. We, at Photo Booth rental by ISH Events would be most happy to meet you...
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Wedding Photo Booth to Rock Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is oftentimes one of the most important day of your life. As we are in the mood to celebrate the love of our lives, we aim that we turn out wedding days into something special, where things...
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Liven Up Events by Renting a Photo Booth

All events are organized for a purpose, whether it is a motivational event, team-building event or an information divulging event, they will be far more effective in achieving their aims if the participants associate fond memories with it. This can...
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Rent Our Photo Booth For Your Upcoming Event

For formal occasions, many people opt to hire a professional photographer. However, for many occasions, people enjoy the spontaneity of candid shots and conversations. What better way to have your guests create their own candid moments than with a photo...
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Capture The Party With A Photo Booth Rental

If you’ve hosted a party, you know that there is a lot of planning that goes into an event that passes by all too quickly. One of the ways to make the moments last forever is to capture the memories...
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Rent Photo Booth

The first commercially successful photo booth rental, similar to the ones we are familiar with, was placed on Broadway in New York City in 1925. Russian immigrant Anatol Josepho, placed it there and for a quarter and in about 10...
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Rent Photo Booths For Your Next Event

We at Photo Booth Rental understand the importance of great memories and captured moments, and we have built an entire company centered on your fun and enjoyment. No matter what kind of event you find yourself planning this year, you...
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