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Rent Our Photo Booth For Your Upcoming Event

For formal occasions, many people opt to hire a professional photographer. However, for many occasions, people enjoy the spontaneity of candid shots and conversations. What better way to have your guests create their own candid moments than with a photo booth rental? Not only can photo booths capture great still photos, they can also capture video guest books and can be used at any type of event, whether it is a private or corporate event. Rent our photo booth for your next occasion and let your guests be the photographers.

Photo Options

Our professional photo booths can comfortably seat up to four people, even though we’ve had several people attempt to squeeze in a shot! The booths produce high quality photos that take less than ten seconds to print. This allows your guests to continue on with the party after a few moments of fun. When you rent our photo booth, you also get the added benefit of one of our staff members, who stays with the booth to ensure its functionality. In addition, our staff person can also aid you in having guests sign a scrapbook after taking a photo. Since guests can get as many copies they want, you can also get them to place a copy next to their signature.

Video Booth Options

In addition to still photography, there is also the option to have guests create their own small video to the guest of honor or host. Remember all those videos taken at weddings where the camera man goes around to each guest? Not only are many people caught off guard, but also there is usually so much ambient noise around them that it becomes hard to hear. With a video booth, guests can have a chance to prepare what they are going to say and can do so in relative quiet, which is great if there is a truly intimate message they wish to convey.

Stylize the Event

Customize your event when you rent a photo booth from us. You have the option of having a logo either directly on your photo or as part of your backdrop. If it’s private event, you could have the same logo as your other favors. If you are renting a photo booth for a corporate event, you can add your company logo to the photos. We can even help you design a logo that fits with your event.

Candid photographs are a great way to mark any occasion. We can work with you to create the best options for your next event. Call Ishphotoboothrentals.com to rent a photo booth and watch the fun take over.

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