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The first commercially successful photo booth rental, similar to the ones we are familiar with, was placed on Broadway in New York City in 1925. Russian immigrant Anatol Josepho, placed it there and for a quarter and in about 10 minutes, you could have 8 printed photos as a memento of your visit to Broadway.

The booth was used by 280,000 people in just the first six months and Josepho established The Photomaton Company to set up photo booths all around the US. With a guarantee of future royalties, Josepho sold the company four years later in 1927, for a whopping $1 million dollars.

Since then, photo booths have grown in popularity, and people are renting photo booths for all types of occasions. Weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate events, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, and Sweet 16s. If you are looking to rent a photo booth for your event, contact ISH Events.

Photo booths have come a long way since those early automated photographs and developing. Now everything is digitized and placed in a flat screen computer. Along with the smaller computer, comes all the things a computer can do with a photograph. Now you can choose backgrounds, superimpose cartoon faces over your own, add dog ears, or opt for a border. You may also be able to print out a postcard to send saying “Wish you were here,” or fun stickers with your own face on them.

If you are looking to rent a photo booth for your special event, you can’t do any better than to contact ISH Events. They offer a number of different size photo booths to fit any occasion. From stand up booths that fit a few people to huge booths that will accommodate 12 folks at a time for extra big fun. They offer photos with your custom logo for corporate events, or even the names of bride and groom for weddings. Guests can choose different backgrounds for their photos or even leave a short video message. Our attendants can help guests with choosing options and they can bring along some great, fun props to make the photos even more memorable. One of the best things about our photo booth rentals is you can choose how many images you want to print out, so everyone gets a copy, or even a few to share.

ISH Events is the best known and respected photo booth rental company in the New York area. We are based on Long Island and serve New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

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