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Capture The Party With A Photo Booth Rental

If you’ve hosted a party, you know that there is a lot of planning that goes into an event that passes by all too quickly. One of the ways to make the moments last forever is to capture the memories using a photo booth. Today’s photo booths can do so much more than take grainy pictures, instead offering high quality photos. Photo booths also allow party goers to share memories with their host and have a small keepsake in the process. Consider a photo booth rental your next affair.

First of all, we offer a full size professional photo booth rental. Our photo booths are the same kind you see at shopping malls all across the country. Each booth has a walk-in space with a small bench for people to sit on. In addition, there is a blackout curtain so that people can be as silly as they want to be in relative privacy. What’s great about these rentals is that they are completely portable. Once they are set up, they can be wheeled to any location in the event space.

Second, there are a wide variety of photo options available. Our photo booths have a white screen that presents a choice of several digital backdrops for photos. Guests can choose from hundreds of scenes from beach backgrounds to party backgrounds with the touch of a fingertip. Guests can also choose how what type of photos to print and the quantity to print. Of course, the classic photo booth strip of four pictures is an option, but guests can also opt to print a single 4 x 6 photo.

Finally, you can save the memories from that special day. Not only will guests have a keepsake of the great time they had at your event, but you can have copies of the memories for yourself. First, you can have your guests print an extra copy of their photo to place in a scrapbook, where they can also impart words of wisdom or a funny memory for you. You can also get a digital copy of all the photographs taken at the event to create your own scrapbook.

Parties and special occasions are a great way to capture powerful memories. Rather than having to worry about hiring a photographer for stiff, staged photos or relying on guests to send you their photos, you should rent a photo booth to release spontaneous fun. Get a photo booth rental and watch the memories create themselves. Visit Ishphotoboothrentals.com and see all the different options available to you.

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