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Glam Up Your Events with a Photo Booth

Looking for a way to make your events as fun-filled as ever? Use a photo booth. Here’s some of the many intriguing uses of a photo booth:
Glam Up Your Events with a Photo Booth
1. Use it at business events. TedxInnovations made a list of the most wonderful photo booths to hit the TEDx event here. Looking through the list certainly gives you a lot of creative ideas on how you and your photo booth could stand out from the crowd.

2. Bring one to weddings. Planning for a wedding? If money is a bit tight, why not invest in photo booths for your guests? This is a better souvenir than say, a piece of ceramic angel that your guests won’t likely look at again, after the event.

3. Add cheer to your birthday parties. What’s even better than birthday parties with themes, cakes, and friends? Birthday parties with photo booths, that’s what. Go together with the whole gang and have fun duking it out for the perfect shot.

4. Attract clients. If you have a corporate event, one way to attract people-or potential clients-is to make sure you have photo booths in place. These photo booths add an element of fun to the event, which helps ensure you attract a good crowd. After all, there’s nothing worse than preparing everything-the cost, time and effort that went into the event-only for the no-shows to kill off your event before it’s even started.

5. Boost up your charity efforts. Wonder what you can do to improve your efforts to raise more money for your favorite charities? Lots of wine and photo booths. Remember how X-Files alum Gillian Anderson served up cocktails at a bar last year for World AIDS day? The event organizers were smart enough to handily put in a photo booth on the premises, giving fans quite a treat. It’s not enough to be served up with cocktails by one of your fave screen sirens, the booth made the event even more fun and memorable for fans-enough to readily spend their money for charity.

So what are you waiting for? Get your events going with photo booths. At ISH Events, we offer booth rentals you can use for your parties as well as corporate and special events. You can choose from our different booth rentals for the size, technology or style you want. From traditional photo booths to elite style ones and even a basic photo station, we’ve got your event needs covered.

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