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Key Features to Look for in a Party Photo Booth

Interested in renting a party photo booth for a New York event? It can be a great decision. Whether you’re putting on a corporate event, celebrating a birthday, celebrating the grand opening of a business, putting on a fun fair or something else, a photo booth can add fun and enjoyment. However, you’ll want to look for a few key features to ensure that you get the right booth and the best experience.

Green Screens

One feature you might want to consider is the use of a green screen. This is literally a green screen that hangs behind the people in the photo booth. A custom image can replace the green screen during post-production, allowing your guests to take pictures of themselves doing almost anything – storming a castle and fighting a dragon, taking on Imperial stormtroopers, slogging through Shrek’s swamp, and more.

Large Booths

Depending on your event, you might benefit from renting a large format party photo booth in New York. These are again exactly what they sound like – large booths with room for many, many people. Traditional booths can fit two to four people. Large booths can hold over a dozen in comfort. This is a great option for events where large groups may want their picture taken together, including wedding receptions, and many others.

Pic Stations

A pic station is a simple, streamlined alternative to the bulkier photo booth. They’re great for parties and events where space is a little limited. Really, it’s nothing more than an uncovered photo station that allows your guests to snap a picture of themselves, and then share it to Instagram or to another social network.

Traditional Booths

Finally, consider a traditional party photo booth in New York. These are the iconic, classic style – a booth with a soft curtain that can be pulled closed to provide privacy. While larger than pic stations and not as advanced as green screen stations, there is undeniable charm and romance to a traditional booth. There’s also instant recognition – your guests will know immediately what the booth is all about.

As you can see, there are quite a few features and technologies that might benefit you. We invite you to get in touch with Photo Booth Rentals by ISH Events to learn more about our booths, about the modern technology on offer, and how we can support your event. Call us today at 888-340-3190.

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