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Make Your Next Event Picture Perfect with a Photo Booth Rental!

Party planning is easier than ever when you rent photo booths for your next special occasion. Everyone loves sharing momentoes from their nights out, and a party photo booth makes it fun and easy to capture the best moments. With the props and costumes that are also available by request, the antics can get even zanier! Everyone loves to dress up and let their inhibitions down. Photo booths have become a staple at every fun gathering.

Why a Photo Booth for Your Next Event?

If you are in charge of planning a corporate event or hosting a get-together with friends, don’t forget to rent photo booths. When a full-service company is used to rent photo booths for your night out, an attendant will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

There are also props available to make every shot a keeper! Guests love to ham it up and what better place to let loose than in a photo booth. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and your guests will have lots to say. Photo booths are both great entertainment as well as the perfect way for your guests to remember the evening.

Affordable and Fun!

If you rent photo booths for your party you can count on a lot of laughs and great memories! Options are also available for video guest books and recording services for the festivities. If your crowd is heavy on the shenanigans you will want to catch every hilarious minute! Props and costumes are another great way to increase the merriment both in the booth and at the party. You never know what fun can happen once people take on glamorous characters. With complete set-up and take down time included in the fee, renting a booth couldn’t be easier!

Memories That Will Last

Each rental comes with a CD of the photos taken in the booth, and they may also be accessed through a private web link that is password protected. If you want your next corporate function, wedding reception, or family gathering to be one that your guests never forget, be sure to rent a photo booth.

Photo Booth Rentals By ISH Events service is here to provide the fun for your next event! Our attendants will ensure that everything runs smoothly, we’ll provide the pics while you bring the zany guests! Call us today at (888) 340-9190 to learn more about how our photo booth can elevate the fun at your next event.

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