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Rent Photo Booths And Make Your Party Stand Out!

Rent Photo Booths And Make Your Party Stand Out!
Photo booths have been around for ages. However, you don’t see them around at many parties. Most people think that renting a photo booth is quite expensive, which is why they generally avoid going through the hassle. However, at ISH Events, we give you the option to rent photo booths at extremely low prices. Photo booths are a pretty amazing way to light up any boring party. People can gather inside the photo booth and take hilarious pictures for themselves! The pictures are instantly processed and printed, so everyone can go home with lots of memories about the event!

If you are looking to rent photo booths at the most affordable prices, give us a call today. At ISH Events, we offer highly customizable photo booths that feature an open stand kiosk design. The photo booth can be placed virtually anywhere. Due to its flexible and highly accommodating design, you can place the photo booth on the stairs, in the corridor, in an elevator or in the corner of any room. We don’t just offer the traditional photo booths to our customers. In fact, our photo booths feature a range of different options that your guests will love. Here’s what our photo booths can do.

Video Guest Books

Consider it a modern twist on the traditional photos that are taken in photo booths. If you choose the video guest book option, your guests will be allowed to take up to four pictures inside the booth. These pictures will then be automatically processed and turned into a gorgeous video message for your guests. You can also customize the video by adding a beautiful logo to it as well.

Photo Options

You don’t have to worry about taking bland photos over and over again. Instead, our photo booths are equipped with a multitude of different options that you can use in order to make your pictures better. Choose from hundreds of different frames, colorful graphics, or effects in order to put a shine on your pictures. You can also add watermarks and corporate logos on your pictures so that everybody remembers where the pictures were taken!

If you are looking to rent photo booths, just give us a call for your free quote! At ISH Events, we believe in making your events as amazing as possible. We guarantee the most affordable prices for our customers! Putting up a photo booth will make your party an astounding success, and your guests will just love all of the options that the photo booth is equipped with. So why wait? Give us a call today!

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