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Photo Booth Rental Enhances Your Events!

Photo Booth Rental Enhances Your Events!

Have you ever tried to think of new ways to make your events, parties and/or gatherings a little more exciting? Photo booth rental is something to consider. Not only can the photo booth be set up virtually anywhere, they are a way to get everyone interacting with one another at the venue. Think about how neat it would be to actually have photos taken at your event for everyone to take home
with them and have something to show the great time they had!

Different Printing Options Available

Photo booth rental by ISH Events, offers several different printing options and will gladly deliver to any place – regardless if the venue will be located upstairs, has a single door or tight quarters – ISH Events has the only fully sized photo booth rental options available where location, is never a problem.

Serving the New England Region

If you live in or reside in the New England region, ISH can deliver to your next event. Photo booth rental is gaining more popularity as people are coming up with new ways to integrate them into their events. Utilizing the latest technology in our photo booths you can choose from a variety of options:

  • Stand-up Style
  • Traditional Style
  • Elite Style
  • Basic Photo Station
  • InstaPic Station
  • Green Screen Station

Different Options and Technology Utilized

All of these different types of booths, offer different outputs, use different technology and come in different sizes. Looking to keep a smile on everyone’s faces from the moment they arrive at the event, until the time they leave – ISH Events are your ‘secret weapon’ to creating lasting memories.
Guaranteeing the best pries in the area for photo booth rental, we are proud to say that we also offer the highest quality and fastest photo printers as well. You won’t ever have to sit around and waiting for a few minutes for your prints, our booths literally take 7 seconds – this means more people can enjoy taking pictures throughout the entirety of the event.

Another unique feature is that our photo booth rental offers hard copies to all those in the picture. Depending on the size of booth you have chosen for your event will depend on the particular machines capabilities, but for example – if four people are in one picture, every person will receive their own copy of the pictures.

We can’t wait to work with you and help you create ever lasting memories at your next event.

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