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Four Great Ideas for Photo Booth Rental Pics

Now that you’ve invested in photo booth rental, you’re likely thinking about all the possibilities there are for your photos. One of the areas people encounter the most difficulty with is figuring out how to pose, especially if they’re camera shy. Before you step into the photo booth on the day of your big event, be sure to check out these fun ideas for poses to use in your snapshots!

Hand Gestures

This type of pose is a great one to fall back on, and can be paired with just about any facial expression. It can be especially funny to see when a large group uses one gesture all at once. In fact, you may want to use one for a group shot to amplify the fun!


Be sure you have the other person’s permission before you decide to give them a smooch for the camera! Friends or family members can give each other a kiss on cheek or forehead for shots, while couples can go for a totally romantic kiss on the lips. No matter where you decide to plant one, it’s sure to make for a memorably sweet shot!

Photo Bombing

If you’re the prankster type, this is the perfect way to make full use of your photo booth rental! As your friends or loved ones pose together in the photo booth, you can pull back the curtain and join in at the last second, making for a fun background surprise! Of course, this doesn’t mesh well with everyone’s sense of humor, so use this idea with caution.


Whether you’re especially in the groove of the party or are naturally flexible, a dance pose can be an extremely fun idea for a photo. Pick any dance you like or know and strike one of its most memorable poses as the camera goes off. This is a great and fun way to make the most of your photo booth rental.

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