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Photo Booth Props You are Going to Love

If you are planning to have a photo booth rental at your next event, you have to have some fun and exciting props to go with it. Regardless of if you are hosting a wedding, birthday party or a conference for your corporate clients, a photo booth can add some fun and excitement. If you are on the fence about the types of props you should have available, use some of the suggestions found here.

Cardboard Cutouts

If you are investing in a photo booth rental for a wedding, then having life size cardboard cutouts of the bride and groom are the ideal option. However, you can use this prop for other events too. For example, for corporate events, consider having cutouts of the CEO, or other executives.

Thought Bubbles

Let your guests get creative by offering them thought bubble props to use in the photo booth. There are some that are in the shape of bubbles but are actually white boards. This means they can be used time and time again by all your guests.

Empty Picture Frames

Let your guests pretend they are in a portrait. They can hold the frame at wacky angles to create unique, fun pictures they will love to have.

Wigs and Masks

Horse masks and pink curly wigs are going to be the hit of any event. Make sure to have a selection of both masks and wigs for your guests to enjoy.

Random Props

Some of the funniest photos that you will ever see are the ones where guests are able to use random props in the photo. For example, wine glasses, instant cameras, rubber duckies are all examples of great options. Have a bucket of random items that your guests can pose with.

A photo booth rental allows your guests fun side to emerge. Regardless of the event, this is a great addition. To learn more, visit the ISH Events website.

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